Saturday, February 3, 2007

Update on Nian!

I just received this update from the Medical Program Heart Coordinator forLove Without Boundaries:

Dear Sponsor:

We have received an update on Nian. He is still in ICU recovering. His breathing and circulation have now been stabilized. Although he can now breathe more steadily, he must still be watched carefully so they will keep him in ICU for one or two more days. He will probably remain in the hospital for 10-15 days once he moves to the regular ward to make sure that his recovery is successful.

We have asked if they can go ahead and do his cleft lip repair before he is discharged, but they have requested that we wait approximately 3 months before bringing him back to the hospital for this repair.

Please keep Nian in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers.

Thank YOU so much for helping him!

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