Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Not really a brush with fame, but ...

My wonderful friend and critique partner Dee Davis is on Letterman tonight ... well, she's in the audience, but, hey, it's the front row, and she and her husband were in a shot! Fun!


Dee Davis said...

And it was sooooo much fun! Have watched Dave almost from the beginning and so to be on the front row was amazing (even if I do look like a small whale in my cameo shot).

After standing in line in twenty-something degree weather (me not my husband -- who arrived just in time to walk into the comparative warmth of the Ed Sullivan Theatre) we were ushered inside and when we checked in they wanted to know if there was a particular segment we were hoping to see -- My husband answered "know your meat" and the page smiled and slapped red dots on our tickets.

Before we knew it -- we were on the front row! I know it's very lame of me, but how cool was that???? John Mellencamp (I loved him back in the days he was still John Couger) was the musical guest and he preformed a second song for the audience -- about twelve feet away from me! (as was Dave during the monologue)

We also got to see Biff, Alan, Paul, and Tony the cuecard guy. (The band is amazing when you hear them live!) All in all a fabulous way to spend an evening in Manhattan!

Julie Kenner said...

Well, I'm jealous! Not about the twenty-something weather, of course :)