Sunday, April 29, 2007

DEMONS ARE FOREVER - excerpt & more

Here's a sneak peek at the next Kate Connor Demon Hunting book, coming to a bookstore near you on July 3 (just in time for July 4 beach reading!).

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{{{Spoiler Warning: Although the Kate Connor books do stand alone, reading out of order will inevitably result in some spoilers. This excerpt contains information regarding the final pages of CALIFORNIA DEMON. Reader beware!}}


I killed my first demon at the ripe old age of fourteen. Stabbed it through the eye with an ivory-handled stiletto that had been a birthday gift from my caretaker and mentor, Father Lorenzo Corletti.

I had spent two days tracking the demon, living on the filthy backstreets of a poverty-riddled Italian village, eating nothing but the scraps I'd tucked away in a threadbare knapsack. I had one companion – a boy I adored and whom, in fact, I later married. But teenage lust was the farthest thing from my mind during those long days. Demon-hunting is serious business, and I was a serious girl.

Even now, over two decades later, I can still remember the intensity of emotions. The drive of the chase despite bone-numbing exhaustion. And the certain knowledge that this was Important Stuff. From an overall life perspective, after all, very little ranks above thwarting the minions of Hell.

As far as my duties as a Demon Hunter went, my youth was an issue only to the extent that my strength and training gave me a fighting chance to stay alive. By age fourteen, I was physically ready. As for mentally? Well, there was never any question. I knew what had to be done, and I was expected to do it. My age never factored into the equation.

With all that in my personal history, you might think that I would understand better than anyone that fourteen- year-old girls are both strong and resilient.

You might think that, but you would be wrong. Because when it came time to actually have the talk with my fourteen year old daughter, I was a tongue-tied mess.

And, just so we're on the same page, when I say the, talk, I'm not talking about the sex one. That one I managed to muddle through. I'm talking about the other conversation. The one where I sat her down and confessed my deep, dark, secret life.

My name is Kate Connor, and I'm a Level Four Demon Hunter with Forza Scura, a super-secret arm of the Vatican charged with keeping the forces of darkness at bay. That particular piece of familial history, however, had been withheld from my daughter her entire life despite the fact that her father and I had hunted demons all over the globe until just a few years before Allie was born.


And check out this great review:

FIVE STARS! This series just gets better and better! The author writes the character of Kate so well that I could almost believe she exists. I found myself empathizing with Kate's maternal instincts. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. I eagerly await the next title, Deja Demon, due for release in Summer 2008! -- Huntress Reviews


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