Tuesday, June 26, 2007

GUEST BLOG: Carly Phillips & Cross My Heart

Order the book!

I've been dying under deadline, so I'm thrilled to have my friend Carly do a guest blog for me today! Be sure to check out her hot new release! (Doesn't she say nice things about me? LOL! I'll keep my mouth shut and not tell her I **am** losing my mind!)

I met Julie Kenner when we both started writing for Harlequin Temptation. She and I both share an editor, Brenda Chin, at Harlequin, and we had girls, and we hit it off right away. We’ve done a series together and we’ve stayed in touch. I really admire Julie as a writer, a mother, a home schooler, and a lawyer (also like me!). I always thought it was perfect that Julie wrote paranormal books too because in my mind she IS paranormal. She creates hours in a day. I need more hours. I’m frazzled and I don’t even home school my kids.

Check out my office during a deadline. A deadline that I’m still on. While a book it coming out. While one daughter graduates elementary school and the other gets chauffeured back and forth to final exams in high school. I’m losing my mind.

Julie is not. (At least I don’t think so!) How does she manage? I need lessons. For me, I think the answer is NOT planning. When I plan, Murphy’s Law inevitably kicks in and something goes wrong. If I have an entire day free on my calendar and I think I’m going to write, one of my kids wakes up sick. If bring my laptop to use while one of my girls is in an appointment, they call me in with them. I’ve been just doing the best I can, barely treading water for a long time now. And I thought Julie’s blog was a good place to talk about this because she also has mom readers from her home school and adoption loop (right, JBK?)

So who here has suggestions on time management? Help me please!

A side note - Julie was gracious enough to let me blog for her today, when my book CROSS MY HEART is being released in paperback. (Woo Hoo!) For a sneak peek at CROSS MY HEART, visit www.carlyphillips.com and check out the video trailer and remember to click on the Free Reader Giveaway at the top of the page – and see what I have in store for readers who purchase CROSS MY HEART!

Thanks for having me, Julie! It’s been a blast. HAPPY TUESDAY!
Thank you, Carly!

And here are some photos. Aren't her dogs adorable? And I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one with a messy office!


Tina Martinesi said...

I'm not sure how you do it! The girls, the dogs, the deadlines your just amazing!
Congrats on the book release, I know it will be a success because I've read it and its just great!! And I can't wait for Sealed with a Kiss!!

Robin said...

Hi Carly (and Julie) ~ I have to say it is good to hear I'm not the only one who struggles with time managment - and to hear it from such an accomplished author - gives me hope. Advice? I'm not sure I have any except to say take it one day at a time and do one thing at a time (I try to do about ten and then nothing gets done).

Just posted over at Plot Monkeys - bought your book today and can't wait to read it!

And Julie - just received Carpe Demon from Julie Leto (I won it and California Demon, which is on its way, last week) and I look forward to reading it. It will be my first one of yours and I know I'm gonna be hooked:)

Congrats Carly and I hope sales skyrocket!!


Carly Phillips said...

Thanks, Tina and Robin! Great to see you here. Thanks for buying. I love Julie and her work too! ww