Thursday, March 1, 2007

Once More With Feeling

Buffy, Drew, and Hugh Grant, too!

Hey. I made up a little rhyme. How cute is that? (I kept it because this post was going to be about Buffy AND Music & Lyrics. But I'm a sloth, and quit writing after the Buffy part. Maybe tomorrow. But, hey, I'd already made up the rhyme, so ...)

Been off the blog for a day or so. I had a proposal to get out the door. (They wanted a couple of paragraphs. I turned in 5 pages single spaced. That is SO me. But, hey, more is better, right? Unless we're talking calories, although frankly, if there are more calories, it probably tastes better. )

But I haven't just been writing. No, I also went to a movie! And before Lent, Don and I glommed much television, and managed to get further along in Season Six of Buffy. Yes, folks, we made it to ... the musical episode.

And can I just say that Once More With Feeling absolutely rocks? Now, I'm a major Broadway musical junkie as it is. I'm not entirely sure if that makes me more open to an episode like this or more critical, but the fact is I found nothing to be critical about except the ending (seemed extremely abrupt, but the actual freeze frame of Buffy/Spike, and also the resolution with the demon not wanting Xander as his queen, so he hightails it outta there). Other than that, though, I have nothing but good to say. I loved the musical numbers – especially Anya/Xander's song. I loved the way the premise fit naturally around the numbers. And I absolutely loved the way it got Buffy to reveal her Big Secret that she – being Buffy – would never have revealed because she knew it would hurt her friends. A wonderful moment in the arc of the series. Major kudos, and I hope Season Six stays on an upswing (although beating this episode won't be easy!)

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