Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One year ...

Hard to believe that exactly one year ago today (discounting the international time difference!) we adopted Isabella.

Here she is in China on "gotcha" day, October 30:

Who would have thought that scared little girl would grow to be the little Wonder Girl who went trick-or-treating through the neighborhood tonight, happily shouting "Happy Halloween" and "trick or treat" and checking her bag for her favorite candies?

Or the little girl who performed in her first piano recital 11 days ago.

Or who has learned that we don't say "yucky" at the dinner table, but instead say "no, thank you."

A little girl with boundless energy, a sweet heart, an amazing sense of rhythm, and a wicked sense of humor. A little girl who loves her big sister and her mommy and daddy and her grandma and Nana and all our kitties. Oh, and who loves penguins and duckies, too!

Here she is from just a few weeks ago (because today's pictures won't download) --

We love you, too, Isabella!


karenciavo said...

What a cutie-pie! She looks so much younger in that picture from a year ago, how old is she?

Hagewoods said...

Congratulations on your happy anniversary! She is so precious and is obviously filled with such joy! What a huge change... isn't it amazing!


Tori Lennox said...

Wow! She's growing up so fast!

Julie Kenner said...

Thanks, everyone! (M -- I owe you an email !!!). Karen, she turns 4 in just a few days! Her third birthday was the day we came into the states, so she got her US Citizenship on her birthday (which I think is cool!)

Sheryl Nantus said...

a bit late, but wow... what a change!

it's amazing how much love can do, isn't it...