Friday, March 16, 2007

She's free! She's free!!

Isabella Chenchen is OUT of the no-nos! The doc says the trench on the right side of her mouth will heal, and it’s that way b/c it’s just healing slower than the other side. He said the nail-hold size thing at the end of the suture line is a reaction to the last suture and not a fistula (yay!) and that he anticipates it’ll be all healed up when he checks her again in 6 weeks. She’s on regular food (w/ moderation. No lollipops or saltines or hard-edged food for at least another week).

In one week she can start trying to drink through a straw. In 3 months she can start speech therapy (the real kind for articulation).

She is VERY happy. She keeps pointing to her arms and then waving bye-bye (saying "bye" to the no-nos). very cute. We considered ceremoniously burning the things, but I think I’ll donate them instead to Love Without Boundaries for their cleft missions :)

And — yay — she’s sleeping through the night again. It’s not easy rolling over if you can’t bend your elbows!

(In other news, I have a nasty cold, thus the short post!)

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Tori Lennox said...

That's great news! I bet there was much rejoicing. :)