Thursday, February 15, 2007

Surgery Coming! Please send good thoughts!

We're scheduled for surgery for my 3yo on March 2 to repair her cleft palate. This week we learned from the ENT that she **won't** need tubes in her ears, which is rare with cleft kids. I'm happy! The less they do while she's under, the happier I am.

Obviously, she'll get bumped if she gets sick, so good wishes are most appreciated. For health and for patience after the surgery (hers and mine). She's still not fluent in English (it's not even been 4 months since we got back from China) and I'm certain that she will be a very unhappy camper with the soft food and arm restraings for two fricking weeks. And the skips and gulfs in communication won't help.

Monday is the pre-op appt with the plastic surgeon and the appointment to have her blood work done. THAT will be fun. (not)


Tori Lennox said...

Healthy thoughts and prayers are headed your way.

What's the deal with the arm restraints afterwards? Is it to keep her from somehow messing with the healing process? (Well, duh, it must be. Never mind. *rolling eyes*)

Julie Kenner said...

LOL! Yeah. Exactly. The go over the elbow so the arms can't bend. That way she can't get fingers or toys into her mouth and upset the stitches. Which would be bad b/c you have to wait about a year to re-do the surgery, and then you're that much more behind on speech. And she is SUCH a mouth putter-in-er