Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The mourning of the tube ...

Well, we're giving up TV for Lent.



Melissa said...

Hi. You don't know me, but I picked up one of your books at Half Price Books several months ago, (Carpe Demon), read about half of it, but didn't buy it because we were on a tight budget, and then finally bought it and finished reading it recently. I originally came here just to tell you that I enjoy your work, but then I saw this post, and wow. You must be incredibly brave or incredibly talented. Does giving up tv also include giving up dvd's, I wonder?

My husband was raised Baptist, and while my family is Catholic, my mother left the church years ago, so it's only with our settling into the Episcopal church in the last couple years that Lent has even really been part of our lives.

Me? I'm giving up bread this year, which will probably be more challenging than your 40 days without tv.

Sorry to babble in your blog. I keep a book blog, recently moved and re-designed, and I hope you check it out when you have a fraction of a second.

Julie Kenner said...

Hey thanks for the kudos on the book! Yes, I'm afraid DVDs are out, too. Sigh. (I really want to know what happens after the wedding in As Time Goes By! Not to mention poor Jack in 24!)

I don't think I could give up bread! But my hips and thighs would probably appreciate if I did!