Monday, February 5, 2007

Me and Angelina ... we're tight!

So, Isabella Chenchen has been doing great with her signs, and she's been using "Mama" and "Daddy" signs a lot, pointing to us, and using the sign.

This is all great stuff.

Today, I was on the couch reading the current issue of People, with Angelina Jolie on the cover. She points to AJ, then points to me. Then does it again. And then again for Don when he gets home (I should note that he did not jump immediately on the "my wife looks like angelina jolie bandwagon". harumph).

Nice to know the kid thinks so highly of me, but personally, I'm really not seeing it.

This is me (well, it IS me, even if it's a few years old):

And this is Angelina.

Judge for yourself, but personally, I'm wondering if we need to get the kid's eyes checked ...

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