Thursday, January 18, 2007

Love Without Boundaries Fundraiser -- Update!

I'm so excited to be able to post this update! As those of you popping over here probably already know, I recently sponsored a fundraiser for Love Without Boundaries, a wonderful non-profit that provides help to orphans in China. We raised over $8,000, and LWB asked me how that money should be spent. In honor of Isabella Chenchen, I asked that 25% be used for the benefit of kids with cleft lips/palates, and the remaining go to kids with the most need as determined by LWB.

I'm happy to say we've been helping a lot of kids!

Here's some information I've received from the great folks at LWB:

These are the first two kids with clefts that LWB has been able to help: "The first child, Xu Hui, is a one year old boy who lives in Jiangsu Province. He has a rather wide unilateral cleft lip and palate and you will be sponsoring his lip repair. He is such a cute little boy and I know he will only get more handsome with his lip healed! The second child is a beautiful 5 year old girl names Yi Hua from Jiangxi Province. She has had her lip repaired but really needs to have a palate repair before she gets much older. This will help improve her health her speech."

Isn't that great! I'm especially excited about Yi Hua -- five years is a long time to live with a cleft palate. I had no real conception before we got CC of just how little these kids are able to say. CC, for example, has a few gutteral vowel sounds. Most of her words are based on inflection. We get some "M" and some "D" but not much. The palate is just so essential to the formation of words and the development of speech! I know that her inability to communicate often frustrates her, and since Catherine is 5 -- and a nonstop talker -- I can imagine how difficult it must be for Yi Hua. I'm so excited the repair will be done and she can begin to learn the skills for speech!

Here are their pictures:

I later received info about the third child: "Your 3rd sponsored child is named Xiang and she is from Anhui Province!! {Chenchen is from Anhui!!} She is 7 month old and needs to have her lip repaired." This is so wonderful! Feeding these kids is so difficult, and once the lip is repaired, she'll be able to get much better nutrition!

Isn't she a doll? And very special in that she was moved to the hospital for the surgery on Christmas day!

And the last child (so far!) that we've helped is Lei. He "is just a little over one year old. He is from a rural orphanage in Anhui Province and will be having his palate repaired." Here he is. What a cutie!

Thanks to all the participants who donated time, talent, books and more! And thanks to everyone who bid in the auction! You've done a world of good for some deserving kiddos!

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Anonymous said...

I am so very grateful for the work you are doing to help children with clef lips and palates. I am a speech language pathologist working in a school district. I have worked for many years with a child who originally had an un-repaired clef palate and then worked with him through his repairs. He started seeing me in Kindergarten and is now in Middle School. His first repair happened the summer after Kindergarten. He is now able to produce all sounds correctly, but the habitual behaviors continue to interfere with his speech. In addition, another small child in the household (6 years younger) required speech therapy at preschool age because he speaks the same. Thanks again for all that you do!