Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Days ...


Trapped. Trapped. Trapped.

Days and days of icy roads and no driving. Five days of stir crazy children and a husband at home.


Okay, maybe that's a bit melodramatic. It is true that we've been iced in (as my agent says ... "in Texas?????!!!!!"). Yes, in Texas. Central Texas, to be exact, where the only ice days I recall lasted one day, and even then you felt guilty about not going in to the office by oh, say, noon, because the ice has melted and the roads are more than passable. Not so this time. And this is also the first time I've been housebound with two children plus spouse. It's been ... interesting.

Actually, it hasn't been all that bad. Since the public schools (and the private ones, for that matter) have shut down, we shut down, too. (Except for sneaking in a bit of reading by making CEK read the chapter headings for various Magic Tree House books). And if I had any doubts that CEK and CC had bonded as sisters, I'll have to say that's passed. They're sisters all right. Playing, hugging, loving, smacking, walloping, screaming, whining sisters. We've had meltdowns because CC (age 3) won't do what CEK (age 5) wants her to do (and never mind that, oh, she's 3 and maybe, just maybe, doesn't have the English yet to figure out what the heck CEK wants her to do. Or, for that matter, maybe just doesn't WANT to do whatever). But mostly we've had tons of fun play. Everything from "leaping onto the highest pyramid in Egypt (aka a pile of pillows beside the couch)" to CEK giving CC piggyback rides to CC sneaking into my study and reprogramming my computer (well, not really, but close) to singing and dancing with the Disney Princess piano that Santa brought for Christmas.

This afternoon, we made a candle with paraffin, ice cubes and crayones -- it looks good! Plus we played Lucky Ducks, which was the first semi-board game we've played with CC. She did great! Took turns, knew the shapes she was looking for, and congratulated the winner every time! Yay CC!

CC has also been making great progress with the sign language and the interaction. I really can't believe it's just been 2.5 months that she's been in the U.S. She's gotten over the zoning out when she does something wrong and refusing to apologize. Now, she understands time out (10 seconds, facing a wall with mommy), she hugs her sister (b/c she usually gets in trouble for hitting her sister) and she says "I'm sorry" with words and sign language. Such a smart kid! She's also a total scamp and a silly-willy. Her silly side has really come out these last few days, and she's bonded even more with Daddy, using sign language to say "I love you" to everyone at the table, and when we say it back, saying (quite clearly) "Awwwwww."

Getting back to our snowboundness: The girls also bundled up and went out to play in the "snow" (aka, white stuff that fell from the sky and immediately turned to ice. They wanted to go out in dress-up shoes, but we finally got them bundled up, and they tromped around for hours, coming back in only for Kleenex and Graham Crackers. Definitely made for an easy bedtime!

And after bedtime, D and I have been watching the DVDs of Buffy Season 4 (not the greatest season -- which is an understatement, but I've never seen the college years, and we thought we'd start), plus As Time Goes By, and, of course, the season premier of 24. Go Jack!

Right now, the girls are singing "Chenchen's Song" to the tune of "Ni Hau Mama Baba" ... it's loud around our house these days.

All in all, it really has been fun.

But I still think D will be happy to be going back to work tomorrow ...


Jill Monroe said...

I'm living it, too. The kids and I haven't left our house in a car since Friday when I picked them up early from school. All week long they've been out of school with none of the fun stuff of summer to keep them occupied.

Second wave comes in on Friday.

Julie Kenner said...

Ah, you share my pain! And yeah, I've heard about the second wave. And to think I had high hopes of escaping to a movie on Saturday. Ain't gonna happen, I fear ...